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You see the blue lights in your rearview mirror: you can't believe it; you're being pulled over. The policeman says he saw you driving erratically. You submit to a field sobriety test and fail. Things continue to go downhill: you're arrested, and next you fail a chemical or breath test back at the station - it says you're over the legal limit for alcohol. Even if this is your first DUI offense in Ohio (called an OVI in this state), you're advised to get an attorney to help plea your case because the penalties are still steep. You'll have to deal with both criminal and Bureau of Motor Vehicles penalties.

Meet George Keith, One of the Most Experienced OVI Attorneys in Ohio

Here's how George Keith, one of the most experienced OVI attorneys in Ohio, can help you. You'll be dealing with the possibility of fines, jail time, driver intervention programs, and license suspension of at least 90 days if you are charged with an OVI first offense and failed your test. Things get trickier if you are underage or if you refused your test. As you can see, navigating this sea of uncertainties is not something to face alone. The Law Office of George Keith (located in Cuyahoga Falls) offers you a preliminary consultation, free of charge (Fees are quoted at the first consult). Once you retain Attorney Keith to represent you, you'll be the beneficiary of his extensive experience, knowledge of Ohio DUI laws and success working with clients on OVI cases. George Keith's 34 years of legal experience provides you with the best chance for a favorable outcome in your case.

Multiple OVI Offenses in Ohio? Why You Need George Keith to Represent You

If you have been arrested and charged with a second OVI, or if your recent offense puts you at three or more total OVI offenses, then consulting with Attorney Keith becomes even more vital. The penalties escalate dramatically with multiple offenses. If you're a commercial driver, you'll face different rules, as your BAC limit is different than for non-commercial drivers. If your OVI offense includes damage to property or causes injuries to others, you will definitely need the help of George Keith, with his extensive knowledge of Ohio OVI law. He is the lawyer you want in your corner.

Take Advantage of a No-Obligation Consultation with Attorney George Keith Today

The scenarios we have outlined here are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possible consequences. It really takes the knowledge of an experienced OVI attorney to help you receive the best outcome; including reduced license suspension, jail, and car impound time. George Keith can advise you, represent you, and help you with your case.

The time to contact George Keith is now. Discover how his experience can make the difference in your OVI case. Take advantage of a free consultation with Attorney George Keith today. Call 330-929-4293.